Sunday, September 4, 2011

slow shoal creek to restart for the fall

I decided to give iMapMyFitness another try for this. I have used Cyclometer and RunKeeper in the past (all on iPhone 3G-S) and so far I like Cyclometer best as the app. iMapMy* has more sharing options, but also more website noise. Cyclometer doesn't really have web integration, but plugs in nicely into Google Maps API instead. Runkeeper was too broken the last time I tried, but it may have gotten better since it saw some upgrades recently. For this ride, the conditions were hot and windy, and the pavement was much more broken up than usual. Shoal creek is largely under repair and 35th St crossing was dodgy at best. The pool at the end was nice though.


Bike Ride:Road Cycling
Average speed:12.1mi/h
Calories burned:997 kCal